Invisible security with ChipBOX

chipBOX programmable - program with PC Software
chipBOX NFC - program and open with Smartphone via App
chipBOX RFID + Pincode
chipBOX High Security - with alert 60dB

Protection, design and usability combined in a furniture lock.

The electronic furniture lock ChipBOX® from data mobile opens cabinet doors and drawers as if by magic, is secure, simple to use and compact. In terms of security and design, the new generation ChipBOX® even goes a few steps further: it virtually rules out break-ins, possesses an integrated alarm and can even be invisibly installed in glass cabinets.

Keep control using the “furniture radio”

ChipBOX® is an innovative combination of mechanics and electronics, which faces the challenges of locking technology in furniture in a pioneering new way. This easy-to-use lock can only be opened by a radio signal using an authorised data medium (chip, coded key or chip card). Conventional keys are not necessary. Should you lose the data medium, then the opening mechanism will be promptly blocked thus preventing any unauthorised opening.

Innovative and effective

Since its market launch in 2007, our in-house development department has been continuously enhancing the ChipBOX®. The new generation of the electronic furniture lock therefore has a lot to offer in the way of innovations: the radically new, patented locking mechanism is virtually tamper-proof. An alarm has also been integrated, which is triggered when the lock is open too long. A feature that will particularly please furniture designers is the innovative arrangement of lock and locking components that allows ChipBOX® to be integrated in a space-saving way into the furniture to be simply “invisible” for the user – an outstanding combination of security and design requirements!

ChipBOX® opens new possibilities

The compact design of ChipBOX® makes it especially suited for glass cabinets and drawers (amongst other things) – the locking system is completely invisible from the outside of the furniture. This unique and convincing system opens up completely new areas of application in furniture design.

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