A simply lock with innumerable applications: its compact size, fast assembly and flexible extensions make ChipBOX® the solution for a practically unlimited number of application possibilities. For example, the magic furniture lock is already used not only in the private sphere (theft protection, child protection) but also in public (hospitals, sports facilities, schools) and commercial areas (product presentation, data protection).

There are no limits to creativity – for inspiring a few areas of use:

  • Product presentation: e.g. glass cabinets in jewellers’ shops or in electronic retailing premises
  • Theft protection: e.g. in schools and sports facilities (lockers) or in hospitals
  • Data protection: e.g. for safekeeping of documents and data media in filing cabinets
  • Child protection: e.g. keeping then away from medicines, cleaning agents or alcohol
  • Protection of the private sphere: e.g. letter boxes



Product presentation in glass cabinets
Theft protection in jewellers’ shops
In chemists and tobacconists
Valuables in lockers
Child protection
Locking filing cabinets
Letter box
Locking a medicine cabinet